Jual Condotel Al Baiti Premier Soekarno Hatta Full Furnished

Hotel Al Baiti Premier  info 087883116071Promo Al baiti Premier info  087883116071Type Al Baiti Premier info 087883116071Show Unit Al baiti Premier info 087883116071Reward For Buyer info 087883116071

  • Apartment Name: Hotel Al Baiti Premier @ Aeropolis Crystal Residence Soekarno Hatta Airport
  • Location: Soekarno Hatta Airport (Jl. Marsekal Surya Dharma  -Tangerang)
  • Tower/Floor/View: North & South
  • Size: Standart (26,53) m2
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bathroom: 1
  • Condition: Full Furnished & Free Service Charge
  • Facility:
    1. Soekarno Hatta Airport next location
    2. In a mixed-used complex: apartments, hotel,
    3. Commercial Park, Sport Club, F / B Resort The design shows the comfort of air
  • Additional Info:
    Spectacular Program:
    1. Pre Development return 1-1.5% per month x 24 months (up to 36%)
    2. 100% buyback option for hard cash in year 2
    3. ROI Guarantee 20% for 2 years (@ 10% per year) paid in advance
    4. The potential payback 15th year sebesar100%, the unit still belongs. (in the form of the Financial Sunlife insurance policy)
    5. For results from late 3rd at 50:50 from net income (auditted)
    6. Furnished Full and Free Service Charge
    7. Free stay 21 points per year
    8. Collective purchasing system 2-5M Hard Cash to get 1 unit of the Chevrolet SPIN
    9. Collective purchasing system 5-8M Hard Cash to get 1 unit of the Honda All New CRV
    10. Collective purchasing system 8-10M Hard Cash to get 1 unit of the BMW SERI 3
  • Selling Price: Rp 568.187.928
  • Contact Number: 087883116071
  • BB Pin: 7604FF41
  • E-mail: bundayulia22@yahoo.com

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